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Our company offers same-day high-quality oven repair with no upfront fees. Give us a call or leave an online request on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Oven Repair

Oven Repair FAQs

We are an EPA-certified and licensed company. Here’s a list of the top problems our clients face with their ovens:

Our tech team has successfully fixed hundreds of ovens over the years.

Control Board Issues Heating Element Issues Faulty Fan Motor Thermostat Issues

Many issues with kitchen ovens lie in the oven control board. With this type of malfunction, you can’t set the timer or temperature, nor use a number of other functions. Usually, such a breakdown is easy to notice — each issue has its own corresponding fault code which will be displayed on the display. To fix this problem, you need to replace the original control board with a new one.

Identifying the malfunction of a heating element in an oven is quite simple — turn on the device and set the appropriate temperature. There are three types of heating elements: upper (on the top), lower (in the lower part of the unit), and round — installed in the center. Determine whether the temperature inside is rising by using your hand and an oven mitt. For more precise and safer testing, it is recommended to use a device called a pyrometer. It will help you determine if the heat is distributed evenly.

In cooking devices powered by electricity, fans are installed to ensure that the hot air is distributed evenly. Uneven cooking will be the first indication of such a breakdown. The fans run from the motor, where sometimes dust or dirt accumulates causing disturbances to its work. Being in constant contact with oil and grease, the fan should also be cleaned. As this repair involves disassembling the oven, it is best to hire a professional for this type of work.

The thermostat is an on-off switch that controls the heating element. Typically located at the top and back of the oven, it is a long, narrow tube. The oven won’t heat up to the right temperature if there is a problem with the temperature sensor. If you notice that your food is taking longer to cook, or is undercooked it is likely due to the oven not reaching the desired heat. To fix this problem the thermostat has to be recalibrated or replaced.

What Ovens We Service

With years of experience behind us, our company has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable service providers in Bethesda and its vicinity. We work with ovens and other kitchen and laundry appliances and do it professionally. We are an EPA-certified and licensed company and we pride ourselves on maintaining high-quality standards. 

We aim to build lifelong relationships with our clients. See the list of brands and appliances we service on our website. Whether your oven is acting up or your refrigerator has stopped running, we will get your appliance up and running in no time. Leave a request on our website or call us to schedule an appointment.

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You call us or leave a request on our website, and we will contact you to discuss all the details.

Why Chose Our Company For Your Oven Repair

We are committed to pleasing our clients and offering top-notch services and the shortest time possible. In addition, our company takes pride in our very favorable prices that you will hardly find in any other appliance repair firm. Our staff is made up of highly motivated and skilled employees. We only hire technicians with vast experience and professional training and our Customer Care Team is always ready to assist clients with any problem they might have.

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Along with quality and fast service, we offer surprisingly affordable prices. And our service call is free with any repair.

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Quick Repairs

When possible we perform same-day appliance repairs, and we work with a variety of brands and all types of appliances.

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Friendly Customer Care Team

Our professional Customer Care Team knows how to please any client. We strive to keep our customers informed, happy, and satisfied.

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When employing a technician, the first thing we look at is experience. All our technicians have years of experience and training behind their backs, making for a high-quality service.

Procedure of Oven Repair

  • To give you an idea of how our work process is organized, here are the main steps to have your appliance repaired:
  • After the repair is done the technician checks the unit and verifies that your oven is working properly. The service includes an after-repair clean-up.

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    Callback request

    You leave an online request

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    Our customer care team helps you book an appointment

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    Our technician does a diagnostic assessment of your appliance

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    We repair the appliance on sight when it's possible. If not, we order additional parts and come back to install them within a couple of days.

    Oven Repair Prices

    Oven repair prices can vary depending on the complexity, so the final estimate for the repair can be given only after our technician does the diagnostics.

    To schedule an appointment, leave an application online or call us using the phone number indicated on our website.


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    Our professional will reach you within one hour and fix any problems of Oven appliance.

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