High-Quality GE Appliance Repair with No Upfront Fees


Honest top-quality repairs only with Smart Step Repairs. Forget about upfront payments. We only charge after the diagnostics and repairs.


What We Service

If you choose us to fix your GE Appliance, you’ll receive premium service, competence, and quality. Our company has repaired plenty of appliances over the years, from a smoking oven to a leaking refrigerator. We work with all major brands and types of home appliances.

GE appliances take their rightful place among the most popular manufacturers. Our techs know them like the back of their hand. Our company has vast experience working with different GE appliances: refrigerators, freezers, ranges, ovens, wall ovens, cooktops, dryers, washers, and dishwashers.

No matter whether you have a brand-new or older model, we can take care of all of your repair needs. Rest easy, your GE appliance will be up and running again in no time.

GE Appliance Repair

We repair a broad range of GE Appliances:


GE Refrigerator Repair

GE Refrigerator Repair

Have you noticed that your electricity bills have gone up for no noticeable reason? Is there a musty smell coming from your GE refrigerator? Is it not as cold as before? These could be signs of a freon leak. Call us now, we’ll deal with it!

GE Freezer Repair

GE Freezer Repair

Whether you own a standalone GE freezer or your refrigerator has a freezer compartment, our techs will help you with any problem!

GE Dryer Repair

GE Dryer Repair

All dryers require regular maintenance or repairs at some point, and GE dryers are no exception. We offer both, get in touch with us now!

GE Washer Repair

GE Washer Repair

A faulty washer can put a damper on your plans. But have no fear, our experienced tech team is here to aid in fixing your GE washer!

GE Cooktop Repair

GE Cooktop Repair

Cooking without a cooktop can be challenging, especially if you have a big family with children. Our technicians will repair your malfunctioning GE cooktop in the shortest terms possible.

GE Oven Repair

GE Oven Repair

After years of wear, your GE oven might start acting up. Our professional will easily replace the damaged components to ensure proper the functioning of the unit.

GE Wall Oven Repair

GE Wall Oven Repair

Wall ovens are a type of oven that is built into cabinets. While they have many advantages, their unique configuration makes for a harder repair that requires a professional. With our company, your GE wall oven is in good hands.

GE Range Repair

GE Range Repair

It’s hard to imagine cooking a hearty meal without a range. If you’re experiencing any problems with your GE range, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance.

Where We Service

Your GE appliances are safe with us! If you live in one of the listed areas, give us a call or leave an online request, and we’ll soon be in touch!

You call us or leave a request on our website, and we will contact you to discuss all the details.

Why Choose Smart Step Repairs


We aim to bring the best service in town and earn your trust with quality repairs. Our diagnostics are accurate and reliable. Our techs use manufacturer-approved parts for all repairs. With Smart Step Repairs, your GE appliances will run at their best.


We provide same-day service on most orders and offer different time slots for our clients to choose from. You pick a date and time that suits you. We will deal with any issue your GE appliance has and do it as quickly as possible.

Wallet-Friendly Service

We believe that repairs shouldn’t cost a fortune and offer very reasonable prices for GE appliance service. Our company offers free estimates and the diagnostics fee is free with any repair. We accept payment in cash, checks, credit cards, and Zelle.

Great Client Care

We are conscious of the fact that you have choices when selecting an appliance repair service, and we value your confidence in us. Our customer care representatives will gladly answer any questions regarding GE appliance repair.

Procedure of Repair

  • Procedure To give you an idea of how our work process is organized, here are the main steps to have your appliance repaired:
  • After the job is done the tech checks the unit to make sure that your GE appliance is working properly. Then he does an after-repair clean-up.

    - 01
    Callback request

    You request a callback or leave a message

    - 02

    Our customer care team helps you book a visit

    - 03

    Our technician troubleshoots the issue

    - 04

    We fix the issue on sight if it's possible. If not, we order additional parts and come back to install them within a couple of days.

    GE Appliance Repair Costs

    GE appliance repair prices vary depending on the issue you’re experiencing and its complexity. Some repairs even require a second technician due to their difficulty. We proceed with the repair only after you approve the quote.

    When additional parts are required, we prepare the estimate for the repair and contact you. Once you give your consent, we order the needed part, schedule a follow-up visit upon its arrival, and come back to install it.

    Alert close
    Notification 6 pm - 8 am

    Here we write: That at the moment we do not answer the phone, because we work from 8 am to 6 pm. But we accept applications around the clock. For this, you can leave a request and you will be contacted as soon as possible.