Quality Kenmore Appliance Repair with No Up-Front Fees


Smart Step Repairs has been servicing Kenmore appliances for years and our professionally-trained technicians provide outstanding service. We never charge upfront fees, you only pay after the service.


What We Service

We specialize in a wide range of appliance brands, and Kenmore is no exception. Our company strives to maintain its high standards and respectable reputation. Smart Step Repairs is an EPA-certified and licensed company. Our technicians provide honest repair advice and offer long-term solutions for any issues you might have.

Kenmore appliances are quite common and loved by Americans. Our tech team has long experience working with different Kenmore appliances: refrigerators, freezers, ranges, ovens, wall ovens, cooktops, dryers, washers, and dishwashers.

A faulty home appliance can put a damper on your plans, we get it. That is why we are fully committed to serving the community and helping our clients. You can rely on us to handle all of your repair needs, regardless of whether you have an older model or a brand-new unit.

Kenmore Appliance Repair

We work with a range of Kenmore Appliances:


Kenmore Refrigerator Repair

Kenmore Refrigerator Repair

Kenmore refrigerators are known for their excellent quality, but even they will break from time to time. Our techs will quickly troubleshoot the unit and have your refrigerator work in peak condition.

Kenmore Freezer Repair

Kenmore Freezer Repair

Has your Kenmore freezer started leaking? Is there frost building up inside? We will deal with it, contact us now.

Kenmore Dryer Repair

Kenmore Dryer Repair

To ensure proper functioning dryers need to be serviced every 6 months. Our techs will assist you with that and give maintenance advice for your Kenmore dryer.

Kenmore Washer Repair

Kenmore Washer Repair

With a broken washer your daily routine can easily be put on hold. But don’t worry, we will help you with your Kenmore appliance repair needs.

Kenmore Cooktop Repair

Kenmore Cooktop Repair

It’s hard to imagine a nice meal cooked without a cooktop. Our professionals are here to help you fix a faulty Kenmore cooktop.

Kenmore Oven Repair

Kenmore Oven Repair

Ovens tend to broke after 10-15 year of exploitation. Is there an issue with the oven door? Is the food cooked unevenly? Leave it to us, and we will repair your Kenmore oven

Kenmore Wall Oven Repair

Kenmore Wall Oven Repair

We have years of experience in wall ovens repairs. Whatever the issue, our tech team will deal with it. With us, your Kenmore wall oven is in good care.

Kenmore Range Repair

Kenmore Range Repair

Is your Kenmore range not producing enough heat? Don’t fret, our techs will have your range working properly in no time!

Where We Service

If you have a faulty Kenmore appliance, phone us or leave a call request. Not sure if we cover your area? Don’t hesitate to contact our client care team to find out.

You call us or leave a request on our website, and we will contact you to discuss all the details.

Why Choose Smart Step Repairs

Polite and Skilled Technicians

We are a local family-owned company with years of experience in Kenmore appliance repairs. Preventative maintenance and safety checks are available in addition to our repair services to guarantee that your appliance is performing at its best. All our technicians have deep knowledge and experience.

Excellent Turnaround Time

Our company strives for quick and efficient service. We offer same-day service when possible. With our company, your Kenmore appliance will be taken care of in a fair and timely manner.

Low Prices

Our company not only provides prompt, high-quality service, but we also offer surprisingly low prices for fixing your Kenmore appliance. Labor is charged by the job, not by the hour. The service call fee is waived with any repair.

Amicable Customer Care Team

Top client satisfaction is among our top priorities. Our Customer Care Team offers premium quality services, ready to guide the client through the process and answer any questions.

Procedure of the Kenmore Appliances Repair

  • Here’s a small guide to our work process. It includes all the main steps, from your first call to the repair of your appliance:
  • After the repair is done the technician checks the unit and verifies that your Kenmore appliance is functioning. The service includes an after-repair clean-up.

    - 01
    Callback request

    You request a call or leave a message

    - 02

    We help you schedule a service appointment

    - 03

    Our tech diagnoses the problem

    - 04

    If possible we repair the appliance on sight. If not, we order additional parts and schedule a follow-up visit to install them within a couple of days

    Kenmore Appliance Repair Costs

    Costs for repairs on Kenmore appliances vary based on the issue and its complexity. After the diagnostics, we provide the estimate for the repair. The technician will inform you of the cost and proceed with your approval if the repair can be completed immediately upon sight.

    In other instances, when additional parts are required, we prepare a repair estimate and contact you to get your consent. Once we receive the required component, we book a new repair appointment.

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    Notification 6 pm - 8 am

    Here we write: That at the moment we do not answer the phone, because we work from 8 am to 6 pm. But we accept applications around the clock. For this, you can leave a request and you will be contacted as soon as possible.